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Caring for your Contact Lenses

Contact Lens on FingerWith so many types of contact lenses, the choices in care and handling can seem overwhelming. Hopefully this guide will help clear up any mystery behind lens cleaning and disinfecting to ensure healthy vision and healthy eyes.

There are many videos that help explain insertion, removal and care of contacts. The list we provide is not definitive, and you should always ask us if you are having any problems or issues. We are alway more than happy to clear up any misunderstandings, or to help come up with a creative solution to your particular needs.

A Soft Contact Lens tutorial:

Hybrid/Synergeyes Lens tutorial

Scleral Lens tutorial


Contact Lens Cleaning and Disinfecting

As much as contact lens solution manufacturers would like you to believe that one Product Imagessolution will be enough for all of your contact lens needs, this so often, is not the case. There are so many different types of contact lenses, and different eyes, that it is not a “one size fits all” situation. Granted, the majority of disposable lenses do well with a multi-purpose disinfectant such as Bausch and Lomb’s BioTrue, Alcon’s Opti Free, or Abbot’s Revitalens, but certain situations call for a more thorough cleaning system. Of course, with all lenses and all solutions, we recommend rubbing your lenses manually before overnight storage. This has proven to remove more debris than not rubbing, resulting in a healthier contact lens.
Reusable lenses, such as anything in the Synergeyes family (hybrid soft/hard), or Rigid Product ImagesGas Permeables requires a manual cleaning to remove surface debris. We like to use Serine Extra Strength daily cleaner. This cleaner works well in getting rid of mucous, oil and deposits. Since this solution uses isopropyl alcohol to remove oils, it is imperative it is rinsed well with saline/multi-purpose solution prior to storage. The bottle has a red tip to remind you it does not go directly into the eyes.


Product ImagesAnother solution we recommend for many contact lens types is Alcon’s Clear Care. This solution is different in that it uses Hydrogen Peroxide to bubble away dirt and germs. it has a special lens container that neutralizes the peroxide overnight (6 hours), and lenses come out clean, disinfected, and feeling great. This bottle also has a red tip to indicate the solution does not go directly into the eyes.
As mentioned before, rigid lenses do well with a manual cleaning with a product likeProduct Images Serine Extra Strength Daily cleaner, and overnight soaking in the Seriene Wetting/Soaking solution. These products are sold at Davis EyeCare. If you would like to purchase RGP solutions at the local store Bausch and Lomb’s Boston products work well, as do the Optimum by Lobob solutions. These products come with a cleaner and a wetting/soaking solution.
Product ImagesPuriLens, a compact cleaning and disinfecting unit, will bring you a combination of comfort and convenience that you have not experienced before. It’s truly a breakthrough in lens care, that uses the most advanced technology. With PuriLens, you just rinse your lenses and place them in the unit, and it will clean and disinfect them completely in just 15 minutes, including removal of protein deposits. That’s right — no more rubbing or weekly enzyme cleaning. And, if you’ve been using a multi-purpose solution, you may notice that the PuriLens chemical free and preservative-free solution is gentle on your eyes.
Common sense goes a long way when handling contact lenses. Remember to ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS before handling lenses. Keep your case clean by rinsing with warm water prior to air drying and throw it away after about 3 months. Never reuse your solution-think of it like dirty bath water, you wouldn’t want to take another bath in it! Dump it each morning and put lenses in fresh solution each night for storage.