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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Need an Eye Exam in Plano?

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Lakeside Vision and Optical in Plano, TX provides thorough and complete eye health examinations using the latest technology available.

This exam will include:

  • Comprehensive Medical and Lifestyle History
  • Computer use, Night driving problems, UV protection needs, Special visual needs assessment, Computerized testing of your spectacles.
  • Computerized Testing of your new spectacle prescription, Testing of your eye pressure, Computerized Visual Field testing, Screening for Laser Vision Correction
  • Blood Pressure and Resting Pulse
  • Testing of Color Vision – Muscle Balance – Eye Muscle Motion – Pupillary Responses – Distance Vision – Near Vision – Focusing Ability

Most importantly, at Lakeside Vision and Optical in Plano, TX we will thoroughly assess your eye health.

A scanning laser opthalmoscope is used to screen your eyes for early signs of glaucoma damage that cannot be detected with traditional glaucoma exams.

State-of-the-art slit lamp biomicroscopes are used to view the anterior half of your eye. We will check for any corneal problems, dry eyes, lid disease, cataracts, etc.

State-of-the-art binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes and the new Optomap technology are used to view the posterior half of your eye. We will check for any ocular tumors, retinal tears, retinal breaks or holes, bleeding, macular degeneration, glaucoma, etc.


Thorough eye health evaluations should be done annually. Your eyesight is your most precious asset; any eye health conditions need to be caught early so that proper treatment can be implemented and vision preserved. This can only be done with a full comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor in Plano TX.

Learn about what to expect at an eye examination: