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Optos Optomap Photography Eye Exams in Plano Texas

What is Optomap & How Is it Used in Plan Eye Exams?

optomap eye exam plano tx

Optos Photography takes a digital photo of the retina that captures central to peripheral retina. With retinal photography, the eye doctors have a valuable tool to determine retinal health and compare the status of the retinal from year to year. This is especially helpful with patients who have retinal lesions, nevi, glaucoma or pathology and patients who have systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure and auto-immune diseases, among others.

Comparing photos from year to year is invaluable. It is also an important tool for communicating with other doctors, as the photos can be e-mailed for review in referral situations.

How is an Eye Exam Different With Optomap?

Compared with dilation, digital photography by Optos has less impact on their day. The flash of light is momentarily bright, but not uncomfortably so. Most patients enjoy seeing the inside of their eyes and learning about the various components of retinal anatomy. It is an experience that may not have been available at other offices and most patients appreciate being able to have a thorough examination without having blurred vision and light sensitivity for several hours afterwards, as would happen with dilation.

Who Should Be Getting Eye Exams in Plano with Optomap Technology?

eye exam planoOptos Digital Photography is recommended for patients of all ages. Because photos are two-dimensional, it is occasionally necessary to follow photography with dilation, so that the retina can be viewed in three dimensions. This might be necessary if there is a concern for melanoma, retinal detachment, or some other pathology where three-dimensional viewing is necessary.

Whenever a patient complains of sudden floaters or flashes of light, digital photography is important to document the status of the retina and highly recommended. It is also recommended in cases where a patient has had blunt trauma to the eye and experiencing blurred vision.

Since we have been using Optos Digital Photography, I have seen ore retinal dot hemorrhages in the far periphery than I had noticed with dilation. These hemorrhages are often very small and would be difficult, if not impossible, to view with dilation. However, because Optos photos can be enlarged, it is very easy to see these hemorrhages.

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